Carnival Pride Cruise Ship: Venues, Cabins, Activities and Stats

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At more than 20 years old, Carnival Pride is one of the oldest ships in the Carnival fleet. However, the cruise line has done its best to keep this ship in tip-top cruising condition, with refurbishments giving it new life as recently as the spring of 2023.

The ship has been fully upgraded to Carnival Funship 2.0 standards, as of 2014, too, so you can expect all of the popular Carnival venues that you know and love from newer ships.

Planning a Carnival Pride cruise and need to know what to expect as far as staterooms, suites, free vs. for-a-fee dining and more? Keep reading to learn everything you could ever want to know about the Carnival Pride cruise ship.

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Carnival Pride Stats

Just like its sister ships in the Spirit class, Carnival Pride is on the smaller side. However, its small size comes with some perks, including a more intimate atmosphere and easier navigation around the ship. The vessel also has the ability to transit the Panama Canal and sail in much more difficult climates, such as Alaska and Northern Europe. Here are some ship statistics:

  • Gross Tonnage: 88,500
  • Length: 963 feet
  • Passenger Decks: 12
  • Staterooms: 1,067 (inclusive of suites)
  • Passenger Capacity: 2,134 (double occupancy)
  • Full Passenger Capacity:
  • Crew Capacity: 930

As the second Spirit-class ship for the Carnival brand (technically there are a few other Spirit-class ships that are older, but they’re not Carnival branded at the moment), Carnival Pride is the same size as the class’s namesake ship, Carnival Spirit. Other ships in the class include the younger Carnival Legend and Carnival Miracle.

Carnival Pride Construction

Built at Kvaerner-Masa Yards in Helsinki, Finland, Carnival Pride cost the cruise line approximately $375 million to build. The ship debuted on January 12, 2002, christened by astronaut Tamara Jernigan, in Port Canaveral, Florida. After, the ship began sailing around the Caribbean from its Florida base.

Carnival Pride Dry Dock
Carnival Pride Dry Dock (Photo Credit: Dendy Priangga / Carnival Cruise Line)

Over its lifetime, the ship has served cruise itineraries throughout not only the Caribbean but also from ports in California and Maryland. Most recently, in early 2023, the cruise ship headed to Europe, for cruises around the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain, before returning to Florida to spend the winter season in the Caribbean once again.  

Like the entirety of the Spirit class, Carnival Pride was built to pass through the Panama Canal, and it features some of the smallest smokestacks you’ll see on any Carnival ship

Carnival Pride Refurbishments

As mentioned, Carnival Pride has undergone a wealth of refurbishments over its lifetime, which has made for an enjoyable cruising experience, particularly in recent years, following the ship’s upgrade to Carnival Funship 2.0 standards.  

The Funship 2.0 refurbishments took place in 2014, when the ship was dry docked in the Bahamas. The refurbishments were the most extensive for the ship to date, adding a range of new features and venues to the ship, including Guy’s Burger Joint, BlueIguana Cantina, BlueIguana Tequila Bar, RedFrog Rum Bar, Bonsai Sushi, WaterWorks, SkyBox Sports Bar, Alchemy Bar, RedFrog Pub and Cherry on Top.

Carnival Pride Drydock

Most recently, though, in spring of 2023, a dry dock in Cadiz added a new hull design to the ship, as well as made enhancements to the décor throughout. More cabins were added and a new Chef’s Table was added to Deck 1.

Dream’s Studio was added back to the ship. The casino was expanded (though its bar was removed). A Heroes Tribute Bar & Lounge replaced the SkyBox Sports Bar and the spa and steakhouse were both rebranded to fit current Carnival branding.

The 2023 refurbishment also made the ship overall more accessible to cruisers with disabilities. As such, you’ll notice that there are substantially more accessible staterooms on Carnival Pride than there are on Carnival Spirit.

Carnival Pride Staterooms

When cruising on Carnival Pride, you’ll have the following stateroom options: 

  • 279 interior staterooms
  • 106 ocean view stateroom 
  • 634 balcony staterooms
  • 32 accessible staterooms

Staterooms come standard with amenities such as flat-screen televisions, in-room safes and non-stocked mini bars.

If you’re interested in booking a basic interior stateroom, you’ll find you get two options: a standard interior stateroom or an obstructed-view stateroom. The latter is a good pick if you want a bit of extra natural light in the room and you don’t mind the obstructed view. However, when Carnival says “obstructed,” it really is. Don’t expect any affordable ocean views here.

Carnival Cruise Ship Ocean View Stateroom
Carnival Cruise Ship Ocean View Stateroom (Photo Copyright: Cruise Hive)

The obstructed-view staterooms are also configured slightly differently than the basic interior staterooms, so you may prefer one over the other, depending on how you prioritize floor space and sitting areas.

Ocean view staterooms are pretty basic as well. This ship doesn’t offer some of the grander ocean view staterooms that are on some older Carnival ships, with big wall-to-wall windows. Instead, expect a slightly larger room with a mid-sized rectangular window to one side. Balcony stateroom options are plentiful and include

  • Classic balcony
  • Balcony with an obstructed view
  • Extended balcony
  • Aft-view extended balcony
  • Premium balcony
  • Premium balcony with an obstructed view

These are all pretty self-explanatory, but as you’re browsing your options, pay attention to the imagery and floor plans offered for each space. There are slight differences, such as how much room you get on your balcony, the size of the interior sitting areas, etc.

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Regardless of which of the above you book, though, you can expect a stateroom that has a slightly outdated look to it, with lots of orange and yellow accents, and décor that, while fashionable 20 years ago, has lost its luster. 


The suites on Carnival Pride are somewhat updated and the décor is marginally more refined. You’ll find plenty of room in each suite option, and suite guests can take advantage of special amenities such as priority check-in and priority dining time assignments in the main dining room. Suite options aboard Carnival Pride include:

  • 6 grand suites
  • 30 ocean suites
  • 2 junior suites
  • 10 vista suites

Junior suites offer a walk-in closet, large entryway, a sitting area across from the bed, a bathtub rather than just a shower and a basic balcony.

Ocean suites are very similar, but there’s a larger balcony with more room to spread out. The vista suite has an even bigger balcony, with a wrap-around feature that promises the best views possible.

The grand suite may not have as impressive a balcony as the vista suite, but it does offer expansive room inside the cabin, with a large sitting area, oversized tub and a big vanity.  

Free Dining

While the free dining options aboard Carnival Pride aren’t as plentiful as what you’ll find on some other ships, including some of Carnival’s own ships, you’ll still find a lot of favorite Carnival brands. Complimentary restaurants on the ship include: 

  • Guy’s Burger Joint, a now long-standing option on Carnival ships
  • BlueIguana Cantina, for Mexican-inspired menus
  • Normandie Restaurant, the ship’s main restaurant, serving three-course meals
  • Lido Marketplace, the cruise ship’s buffet
  • Swirls, for ice cream and fro-yo 
  • Sweet Spot, for desserts
Carnival Cruise Line Funderstruck Burger
Photo Courtesy: Carnival Cruise Line

Unfortunately, this is where your options end, so for further dining, particularly on longer cruises, when it’s likely you’ll have tried all of the above within a few days, you’ll want to look to the ship’s specialty restaurants. 

Specialty Restaurants

Specialty restaurants charge a la carte fees for menu items, just like a typical restaurant. There are just a few of these eateries aboard Carnival Pride, though. They include:

  • Fahrenheit 555, Carnival’s classic steakhouse brand
  • Bonsai Sushi, a Japanese eatery 
  • RedFrog Pub, for pub food but with a Caribbean slant
  • The Piazza Café, for specialty coffees and desserts
Carnival Cruise Line RedFrog Pub
Carnival Cruise Line RedFrog Pub

Beyond these four options, you can also order pizza and room service for nominal fees. There is likewise a range of culinary experiences offered on the ship, including The Chef’s Table dining experience, wherein a limited number of cruisers enjoy a chef-led dinner, and themed breakfasts for families. 

Bars and Lounges

There’s a nice handful of spots to grab a drink while you’re on a Carnival Pride cruise. In addition to the above restaurants, most of which offer beverage service, you can find drinks at the following watering holes:

Carnival Heroes Tribute Bar
Photo: Carnival Cruise Line
  • The Alchemy Bar, where the specialty is mixed drinks with style 
  • RedFrog Rum Bar, for beer and island vibes 
  • BlueIguana Tequila Bar, for your favorite margaritas 
  • The Piano Bar, for fun sing-alongs with liquid courage 
  • Heroes Tribute Bar & Lounge, a patriotic bar 

Activities and Entertainment

But beyond just dining and drinking your way through the ship, there are other things to keep you occupied on a Carnival Pride cruise. Despite the ship’s small size, it offers tons of ways to have fun with the entire family. 

Theater and Shows

The entertainment aboard a Carnival Pride cruise is plentiful, and many of the entertainment options are crowd-immersive, so you can get in on the action. 

Pretend to belt out your favorite tunes as you compete against your cruisers on the ship’s version of the popular show, Lip Sync Battle. Families will love participating in the on-board game show, Hasbro, which brings everyone’s favorite Hasbro board games to life.

Mardi Gras Cruise Ship Game Show
Rendering: Carnival Cruise Line

However, if you just want to sit back and enjoy a show, rather than participate, you can easily do that as well, with Broadway-style shows produced by Playlist Productions.

Serenity Adults-Only Retreat

For those seeking some adults-only time, the Serenity Adults-Only Retreat has you covered. The 18-plus space offers drinks, your own pool and plenty of loungers to soak up the sun, sans screaming children and splashing. 

Pools and Waterpark 

With several pools to choose from, you can always find space for your floatie on a Carnival Pride cruise. There are two main pools to choose from; the aft pool gives you a stellar view of the sea and the ship’s wake, while the huge midship pool is outfitted with a movie screen, for regular movie nights once the sun goes down, complete with popcorn and all the latest blockbuster hits.

Carnival Pride Cruise Ship
Photo Credit: StudioPortoSabbia / Shutterstock

Then, of course, for adults, there’s the Serenity pool mentioned above. Want to take your water fun to the next level? Try the two water slides and water fun park for something a little more adrenaline-inducing. 

Spa and Fitness

The spacious Carnival Pride spa serves up all kinds of treatments, from your traditional facials and massages, to more unique treatments that you won’t find anywhere else.

Even if you aren’t keen on a treatment of any type, you can still visit and relax in the completely tranquil environment, and let your worries just float away on the waves behind you. 

Daily Fun

There are a ton of daily fun activities on the docket during a Carnival Pride cruise. Grab a game of bingo. Try out your hand behind the bar during one of the mixologist competitions. Attend the traditional Sailaway party. Catch a flick by the pool.

The Casino

The ship’s casino just recently received a major overhaul, so be sure to check it out during your cruise. While the casino expansion did mean the removal of the casino’s dedicated bar, you’ll likely still find a lot to love. 

Kids Venues

Many families love a Carnival Pride cruise and for good reason. The ship’s smaller size aside (which does make it easier to keep track of the kids), Carnival offers tons of kids’ and family activities on its Carnival Pride cruises.

From the kids’ clubs, to the Dr. Seuss-themed activities to the family-friendly entertainment options to the family-friendly fun zones like the waterpark and the sports areas on the top deck, if families want to truly bond while on their cruise, they’ve no excuse not to during a Carnival Pride cruise.

Carnival Cruise Line Camp Ocean
Carnival Cruise Line Camp Ocean

However, while Carnival Pride does offer lots for families to do together, the Carnival brand also recognizes that sometimes families want to have a little time apart, too. Because of this, kids get their own space, no matter their age. 

Camp Ocean keeps kids ages 2 to 11 busy with age-appropriate games, crafts and learning opportunities. Club O2 is created just for teens and is a super-cool place for kids in this age range to chill without their parents. And for kids right in that middle sweet spot, ages 12 to 14, they get Circle C, a tech-heavy, fun environment with their needs in mind. 

Carnival Pride Itineraries

Carnival Pride just recently wrapped up a European summer sailing season before taking a transatlantic journey to reposition in the Caribbean. Now, it offers Caribbean itineraries through the winter. Cruises offered are on the longer side, about a week or longer on average. 

Check out which upcoming itinerary might be best for you and your family and start planning your perfect Carnival Pride cruise!

Carnival Pride FAQ

How many pools are on the Carnival Pride?

There are three pools on the Carnival Pride. There’s the aft pool, which gives travelers a view of the sea and the wake; the midship pool, which provides more space and a movie screen for theater nights; and the Serenity pool, which is smaller and adults-only.

When was the Carnival Pride refurbished?

The Carnival Pride cruise ship has undergone six dry docks since its debut in 2001. In 2014, it received expansive refurbishments to upgrade it to Carnival’s Funship 2.0 standards, to rave reviews. In early 2019, it received refurbishments on a smaller scale, mostly limited to the relocation of a few social spaces and new flooring, as well as regular maintenance. There was also an upgrade in 2023 when the ship received its new red, white and blue livery.

Does Carnival Pride have Waterworks?

Carnival Pride does feature Carnival’s famous Waterworks area! The Waterworks water park offers children, families and fun-lovers of all ages two twisty water slides and other fun water features.

Final Thoughts

While on the older side, Carnival Pride’s recent refurbishments and continual updates make it a fitting option for cruisers who might not need the flashiest or newest cruise ship on the waters.

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It still offers all the great Carnival venues and brands that passengers have come to love, and it does so on a smaller, more intimate scale that some cruisers just find preferable to the oversized, crowded and difficult-to-navigate mega-ships. In short, if you like a classic Carnival cruising experience in a more intimate setting, Carnival Pride might just be your perfect fit.

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