Save 50% on the Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 1000 – BEST DEALS

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I love a portable power station. They are so versatile for power on the go. This Jackery portable power station is a really great deal today during Black Friday week.

Any deals to be had on power stations and I’m all over it. These portable little power packs are so versatile and can keep most items we use these days powered for for hours. I carry mine to and from my boat while it doesn’t have power at the moment and charge it at work in my office. But it is possible ton charge these with solar too if you want. Though you will need to buy the solar panel to go with it.

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Black Friday deals 2023: Fantastic savings on this versatile portable power station!

The Jackery Power station is a versatile portable lithium hub.
I use a similar one to this everyday. It is so versatile and can be used to power of a whole array of appliances and tools. As well as charging mobile devices and gaming consoles.

It can be recharged from mains but also can be plugged into solar, so if you are somewhere with a decent amount of daylight, you can stay juiced up for longer off grid.

I highly recommend these power units for all sorts of purposes. From emergency power during a powercut, to camping, glamping, boating and travelling away from the grid power.

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