5 New Cruise Lines That Want To Begin Offering Cruises by 2027

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Over the past several years, a few new cruise lines started operations and began offering cruises. They include Explora Journeys, Atlas Ocean Cruises, Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection, and Virgin Voyages. There have also been several failed startups for new cruise lines with projects that had trouble getting off the ground.

There are several more new cruise lines that are looking to begin sailing over the next four years. Here is a look at each one of them and what we know so far.

Four Seasons Yachts

Four Seasons Yachts

Four Seasons is the latest luxury hotel brand to launch a cruise line. Four Seasons Yachts is scheduled to sail their first cruise in late 2025 and is promising to be unlike any other experience at sea.

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The cruise line’s yachts will offer 50% more living space per guest than is currently available and each suite will cost $4.2 million to build. The ship will have 95 suites with floor to ceiling windows with expansive terraces. 60% of the suites will have at least 818 square feet of indoor and outdoor space.

The Funnel Suite will be massive at 9,601 square feet and include a private wading pool and dedicated spa area.

Due to limited inventory, initial access to bookings on Four Season Yachts is by invitation only. The cruise line does have a waitlist for those who would like to sail with them in the future.

Suite are expected to cost an average of $5,000 per day and will begin sailing from Miami in December 2025. The ship’s maiden season will sail to the Caribbean before heading to the Mediterranean in March 2026. You can visit their website at FourSeasonYacht.com.

Ocean Residences

Ocean Residences Development has an interesting project called NJORD which is promising to be “the finest address everywhere in the world”. It will have 117 apartments for those who have a passion for travel, adventure, and discovery. NJORD will redefine luxury at sea and be one of the most exclusive clubs in the world.

Residences will start at $8.5 million and range from 1,500 to 9,000 square feet. It will be 86,000 gross tons in size and be the world’s largest residential superyacht.

It will have a helicopter, two submarines, Atmospheric Observatory, zodiacs, autonomous subsea and aerial drones, fully equipped dive center, a house of worship, and a wet and dry laboratory.

When the ship is completed, a private jet will fly to you to your new home onboard NJORD. You will travel the world and see and experience things that only a few dream about.

The ship would be built at Meyer Werft, a shipyard that builds cruise ships for most of the major cruise lines. You can visit thefinestaddress.com for more information on this truly unique project.


In 2027, Aman at Sea will launch their first 50 suite luxury yacht enter the world of cruising. There’s not much known about Aman at Sea at this time but it will keep with the company’s core values of privacy, peace, generosity of space, and unparalleled service.

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Aman said that this yet to be named yacht will define a whole new category of water exploration and is being designed by SINOT Yacht Architecture & Design.

Aman has been in business for three decades pioneering resort, hotel, residence and lifestyle brands.


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Storylines was announced in 2018 with a plan to offer affordable condos that you can live in starting at $155,000. They had plans to launch in 2019 with a second ship to follow soon after. They were going to buy older cruise ships and remodel them into homes at sea.

The company has pivoted now has plans to build a brand new ship and signed a deal with the Brodosplit shipyard in Croatia to custom build them a new vessel. The new ship was scheduled to debut in 2025 but due to the shipyard having some bankruptcy issues, the maiden voyage is now tentatively scheduled for 2026. Construction has not yet begin on the ship and the shipyard suspended production due to financial issues for a time in May.

Prices for condos on MV Narrative start at $875,000 and go up to $8,000,000 and have up to four bedroom configurations.

MV Narrative will have 20 dining and bar concepts and a marina in the back of the ship that can launch kayaks and jet skis.

Storylines is also offering fractional shares on a limited number of residences. For more information, visit Storylines.com.

Villa Vie Residences

Villa Vie Residences was announced two months ago and their first ship plans on circumnavigating the world ever three and a half years. Prices will start at $89 per day or you can buy a cabin to live in for as cheap as $100,000. The cruise would visit 420 ports and be 1,301 days long.

The cruise line gave a maiden voyage date of May 2024 but the cruise line told Cruise Fever that they currently do not have a ship in their possession.

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Cruise Fever wrote about this new cruise line with some thoughts concerns we had when it was announced and you can read that here.

New Cruise Lines With Projects That Look to Be Dead or On Life Support

Life at Sea Cruises

Billed as the world’s first three year cruise, Life at Sea Cruises was announced earlier this year with a planned maiden voyage of November 1, 2023. The voyage was delayed until November 11 and as of November 18, has yet to set sail. Why?

Life at Sea Cruises was in talks with Carnival Corporation to buy AIDAAura but was unable to close the deal. They had plans to buy the cruise ship, renovate it during a 18 day dry dock, and then begin the three year cruise. Cruise Fever reached out to Life at Sea cruises last week asking about the ship and received a response saying that “they were unable to provide commentary” at this time but they would have an answer for us soon.

However, the cruise ship was purchased by another cruise line, Celestyal Cruises, a couple days ago and is no longer on the market.

While Life at Sea Cruises’ website is still promoting the cruise even though it’s unlikely to ever sail, some of their social media links point to another new cruise line, Villa Vie Residences.

Blue World Voyages

Blue World Voyages

Blue World Voyages was promising to be the world’s first cruise line dully dedicated to sports and wellness. It was going to be a cruise for active people with an entire deck designed around sports and fitness.

Like many other startups, they were going to have some cabins on the ship that you could buy and in live.

This all-inclusive cruise line has given several dates in the past on when they would start offering cruises. However, they have yet to purchase a ship and there’s no longer a start date on their website. The last start date they gave was 2023.

In 2018, the cruise line said they had plans to purchase three ships and begin sailing in 2019. Unfortunately, it looks like this cruise line dedicated to sports and wellness will never sail.

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