WE GOT HIT BY 97 KNOTS OF WIND GUSTS I Dangerous Situation Ep 77

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We got hit by 97 knots of wind gusts in Montenegro and tought we would be safe because we were in a marina! So many things can go wrong in a scenario like this one. Today we show you what is like to go thru 97 knots of wind gusts on a sail boat.
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We are Patricia and Ed. We have been living on a 46 feet Catamaran and exploring the world on the water! We have always loved to travel and explore new places around the world.

Our first extended trip was a road trip in the US were we got to see over 20 states and ride 30.000 kilometers on our ECO Friendly Van. It was simply awesome and raised our awareness to the fact that we did not have to be tight down to a land home to continue to work and travel. Now, we’re on a sailing exploration journey attempting to circumnavigate the world aboard JOY. Patricia did not have any previous sailing experience, but was willing to learn on the fly.

Now neither of us are too technical and know how to fix things too much, super rich or retired, but we always had big dreams. What motivates us is the possibility to explore and learn along the way, share our experiences here on YouTube, be helped and help others along this Journey.

We want to continue to uncover the meaning of Happiness, Joy and Kindness along the way and hopefully bring something to you that will also make you think of alternative possibilities in life. We hope you enjoy been part of this journey along side us !

Want to know morew about us? On this video we tell all about how it all started:

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