It’s not ALL about the destination.. What a Journey! Ep. 179

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Join us for a flashback to the past, on our sail up to the Berry Islands. One thing we’ve realised since we started travelling is that its really not all about the destination… it’s about the journey. All the struggles, the mistakes, the sleepless nights. Those are what make it an adventure. Those times of struggle are what you remember. They’re what make you appreciate the destination all the more. We don’t sit down with our friends over a beer and tell them all about the holiday we had where everything went right and we laid around the pool and got a tan all weekend, do we! ​Whats your favourite moment we’ve shared with you on SLV?
Videos made with love, Elayna and Riles.

Song Credits:
00:00 Down Down (feat. Thurz) – LIAKIPIA –
01:47 123 – Joe Marson –
05:14 Violét – AIKK –
11:44 Shark – Elli Schoen –
13:55 The Wild – Jordan Merrick –
15:50 You Are My Life – LIAKIPIA –

Videos made by Elayna, starring Riley!!

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