Basic Boating Terms – Nautical Terminology Basics

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Basic boating terms or common boat terms, if you’re going out on a boat it’s good to know at least a few of the words you might hear on a boat. Boat vocabulary or terminology boaters use is very different and there are a lot of terms and names of parts and areas of the boat that we may have heard before but have no idea what they mean. This video covers a handful of generic boating terms and words so that you know a little more about a boat and what people might be taking about when they ask you to throw a fender over the port side bow. Boat language port starboard can be hard to comprehend and master, but I cover a few basics so you can sound like a seasoned mariner in no time!

Brush up on basic boat vocabulary so you know the difference between phrases such as the bilge, head, and transom when you’re boating with friends. These easy to remember boating terms will make you seem like a veteran sailor in no time!

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00:00 Introduction
01:10 Boat hull basic definition
01:32 Port and Starboard basic definition
02:27 Bow and Stern basic definition
03:16 Boat Transom basic definition
03:34 Boat Cleat basic definition
03:49 Boat Line basic definition
04:22 Boat Fender basic definition
05:04 Boat Helm basic definition
06:10 Gunwale or Gunnel basic definition
06:59 Boat Head basic definition
07:41 Boat Transom basic definition
08:17 Basic boating terms quiz!
09:18 Conclusion

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