What are Adventures by Disney? (EARLY BOOKING IS OPEN!)

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If you love the Disney service, magic, and experience and want to travel the world then you HAVE to join Karen Shelton, Owner of My Path Unwinding Travel, (https://www.dclcommunity.com/all-agents/karen-shelton) and I as we discuss ADVENTURES BY DISNEY (ABD)! I’m sooo excited for this one!!

If you’re wondering where Adventures by Disney can take you, what’s included, how it compares to a Disney Cruise, and more then you won’t want to miss this LIVE event. Karen will be discussing the types of trips available, what makes these trips so incredible, and why you should consider this for your next getaway. Karen will also be answering your questions LIVE, so be ready to be amazed and the places you can travel with Disney!

To learn more about Karen and have her help you book your next cruise (at no cost to you), visit: https://www.dclcommunity.com/all-agents/karen-shelton

My Path Unwinding Travel can help with all things Disney including parks, cruise line, Adventures by Disney, and more! Contact them today for complimentary planning services.

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