NEW Top 8 things to know BEFORE Booking a Princess Cruise – Package & Room Comparisons, Advice, Food

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There are so many different options when booking with Princess Cruises. In this video, we compare and contrast the different rooms, Princess Standard, Plus and Premier fares, take a look at all the different restaurants and food you might visit and what extras might be worth upgrading to. We take all budgets into account and help you book what is best for you, along with tips for excursions and sea sickness.

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(This cruise was the Inside Passage route listed here – There are variations for this trip)

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00:00 Princess Cruise
00:51 What’s included? Standard fare
1:50 Princess Plus Package
2:54 Princess Premier Package
3:40 Food on Princess Cruises
5:15 Room Comparisons on Princess
6:51 Activities on board
7:40 Cruise bonus
9:03 Cruise Excursions
9:42 Sea Sickness

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