Living on A Self-Built and Off-Grid Expedition Sailboat (full tour)

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We’ve moved aboard an incredible self-built and completely off-the-grid 66ft expedition yacht! 


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Fiji is a sailors paradise and it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting back to our own boat anytime soon.  So, when we were offered a cabin on Millennium, we couldn’t pack our bags fast enough!

In this video, you’ll meet our new South African friend Mark and get the full tour of his surfing, diving, any adventure you want to go on sailing ship.

It’s a completely different world from our catamaran Curiosity and the first steel yacht we’ve ever explored…much less lived aboard.

Mark is an interesting character who mostly eats, sleeps and breaths surfing these days.  And, if you’ve been with us for a while, you’ve probably noticed we’re not surfers.  Well, not yet anyway.  I have a feeling after a couple of weeks on this floating surf hostel…that may change.

Stay tuned because our adventures on this big ship have just started.

We’re Jason and Nikki Wynn. We been living #OffTheGrid and exploring the world for almost a decade.
Our first six years of #travel were an epic road trip around North America.
Now we’re on a #sailing voyage about the world. Did we have any previous sailing experience, of course not!
Neither of us is overly talented, smart, rich, lucky, or retired. But that doesn’t stop us from reaching far-flung destinations, having wild adventures, and managing everything that makes living aboard a moving vessel possible.
We’re two ordinary people that just so happen to live an extraordinary life.
Because… Life is an adventure!
Extraordinary moments out there for anyone willing, and wanting, to go after it. Ya know life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
And this is why we publish our lives on the world wide web. We share in hopes of inspiring you to find your adventure.

Shared with LOVE 💕
– Jason & Nikki Wynn

Timestamps if you like to Jump Around:

00:00 Our Next Adventure
01:10 66’ Custom Yacht Millennium
02:16 Surf Focused Ship
02:48 Aft Deck: Fishing & Dining
03:42 Midship Deck: Kayak & Water Storage
04:25 Jet Ski & Surf Rack
04:40 Forward Deck: Winches, Anchor & Sails
05:43 Top Speed
06:24 Crow’s Nest Lookout
06:44 Propane & SCUBA
07:21 Galley (Kitchen)
07:40 Helm & Navigation
08:07 Windows & Seating
09:04 Below Deck Forward: Bunks, Heads & Storage
10:23 Ultimate Surfing Storage
11:57 Full Size Fridge-Freezer
12:40 Main Guest Cabin
13:15 Engine Room: Gene, Watermaker, Auto-Pilot, Solar
15:03 SOOOOO Much Diesel Storage
15:32 Workout Room
15:58 Owners Cabin
16:31 Toilet Built for a BIG Guy
18:04 Yacht For Sale

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