Story Time: Carnival Celebration Cruise

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In this video I provide you with information on our cruise on the Carnival Celebration and room 17245.

Opening/Welcome: 0:00
Intro: 0:38
Pre-trip Preparation: 2:56
Things to consider before cruising, flights, trip insurance, arriving the day before, the Carnival app, and how to choose the best hotel.
Embarkation: 8:31
VIFP Perks, Security checks, other embarkation details
Room Layout (Carnival Celebration Room 17245): 13:43
Discusses the room layout, room features, noise level, room motion sensitivity, laundry, thermal suit
Debarkation: 19:17
Advice on how to get off the ship the fastest
Cruise Travel Tips: 20:18
General travel tips that covers: Laundry, Shows, Getting to know People, Trip insurance, luggage
Bonus Information: 30:20
The disruption to debarkation that caused us to get off the ship at 6 PM instead of 9AM.
Here’s what happened

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