Moving Our Family onto a Sailboat! Because… COVID.

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Thanks to the South Carolina resort for providing us with an amazing place to stay. The Beach Club at Charleston Harbor Resort & Marina, with rooms overlooking the water and sunsets that can’t be matched. The Southern hospitality was much appreciated before we left for our next journey:

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Thanks to and our contributing artists for providing us with great music for this episode

Song credits:
00:00 – ES_Dark Horse – Tigerblood Jewel
00:32 – ES_It Speaks to Me – Toby Tranter
01:02 – ES_Zeno’s Paradox – Oh the City
03:44 – ES_It Speaks to Me – Toby Tranter
05:04 – ES_High Noon – Toby Tranter
09:51 – ES_Five Below (Instrumental Version) – Torii Wolf
10:34 – ES_Five Below (Instrumental Version) – Torii Wolf
11:40 – ES_Campion – Valante
12:40 – ES_Elm Lake – Elm Lake
13:15 – ES_Busy Brasserie – Trabant 33
13:54 – ES_Urban Stories – Chill Cole
16:07 – Sailing La Vagabonde – Mikael Abramowitch

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