Earlier Debarkation Planned for Carnival Cruise Ship

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Carnival Cruise Line has reached out to guests booked on select sailings of Carnival Legend that the ship will be returning to Baltimore, Maryland earlier than the original itinerary planned.

This may impact guests’ post-cruise travel plans, but it does not impact ports of call during the two affected cruises.

Carnival Legend Returning Early on Two Cruises

Two upcoming fall cruises of Carnival Legend – the August 13 and September 2 departures – will be returning earlier to their homeport than initially planned. Carnival Cruise Line has reached out to booked guests to advise them of the change.

“We have made a slight adjustment to the itinerary for your cruise – our return to Baltimore will be earlier than previously scheduled. Carnival Legend will now be docking at 8:00 AM instead of 10:00 AM,” the email explained.

The two hour difference is only noted for two upcoming cruises: August 13, 2023 and September 2, 2024. Both sailings are 14-night itineraries to Greenland and Canada, with ports of call in Nanortalik and Qaqortoq, Greenland, as well as St. Anthony and Corner Brook in Newfoundland and Sydney in Nova Scotia.

Carnival Legend Cruise Ship
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No other ports of call are being adjusted at this time, and the two previous days of each sailing – before arriving in Baltimore on August 27 and September 16, respectively – are days at sea.

Carnival Legend is a Spirit-class vessel, weighing in at 88,500 gross tons. The ship can welcome 2,124 guests at double occupancy, or as many as 2,610 passengers when fully booked.

The ship is currently homeported from Baltimore and is offering Bahamas and Eastern Caribbean sailings through the summer months.

In late August, Bermuda cruises are added to the schedule, as well as Canada and New England sailings in the autumn to take advantage of the region’s spectacular fall foliage.

Why the Change?

No explanation has been given about why the ship will now be returning to Baltimore two hours earlier than originally scheduled on these particular sailings, though it must be noted that these are the only two cruises the ship has planned to Greenland and Canada.

Carnival Legend
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It is likely that the ship’s overall route returning from Canada has been slightly modified, resulting in a faster travel time. There is no indication that this change has anything to do with the ship’s operation, engine efficiency, or maximum cruising speed capability.

Adjustments to popular shipping lanes, predicted seasonal weather patterns, or tidal schedules could all have this type of minimal impact on a cruise ship’s schedule.

Impact on Passengers

This two-hour docking change is unlikely to have a dramatic impact on most travelers’ post-cruise arrangements, especially since Carnival Legend will be arriving earlier than planned rather than later.

Guests who have booked flights to return home earlier in the day now have slightly more breathing room in their schedules, perhaps even time to enjoy breakfast on board before departing the ship. Guests with later flights will wait slightly longer than expected for their follow-on travel, but there is no need to rush.

There has been no notification sent to guests embarking Carnival Legend for the next cruises on those days – both of which are 6-night Bermuda sailings – indicating any earlier departure time from Baltimore, so it is unlikely that their travel plans will need adjusting. Nor has there been any communication about changes arrival time appointments or other schedule adjustments.

It is always a good idea for travelers to stay in close contact with their cruise line prior to embarkation, as last-minute changes and schedule adjustments can occur.

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