The time we were offered 10 MILLION DOLLARS.. (and also we go freediving)

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Being offered 10 million dollars via email. Crazy right? Would you have replied to the email? Are we naive to think it could have been real? We’ll never truely know what went on there.

We’re out on the island of Faial. We’re going freediving, making sure we’re following the local rules and regulations, and we’re joined by the most amazing sea creature which we hear is teeming in the Azores this time of year. We’re checking out new volcanic landmass and having a good old time in Horta. Also any diver/science/shark people out there who can tell us whether you can stare down a shark? Link us your scientific papers, crackpot theories or pictures of you personally confirming it in practice. Thanks in advance team.

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Song Credits:
00:00 Andrea James Cantautore – Bolina –
03:32 Laikipia – Let Go –
05:20 Andrew Rothschild – Nocturnal –
07:07 Axel Thesleff – You Said –
09:20 Red Bean Rice – Water –
10:04 Tatono – Near –
13:34 Sympala – Later –

Footage from YouTube:

Produced by Elayna & Riley
Edited by Johan Strydom

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