Dining Room Food on Carnival Imagination

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Download full menus here: http://www.cruisetipstv.com/carnival-imagination-menus-download/
We’ve done a playlist on Carnival cruise food you can see here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCLybRxC0VFLivlgOxLdDWE8nu9Wmypyx
Hey cruisers, I’m Sheri with Cruise Tips TV with a night by night look at Dining Room Food on Carnival Imagination (the American Table and American Feast menus) on the 4 night Carnival Imagination itinerary. This is kind of a Carnival cruise food tour. Stick around til the end, and we’ll take a peek at Seaday brunch as well.
On night one, we started with a spicy Mediterranean gazpacho, a fruit salad by special request for our son, calamari with tomato sauce and lemon aioli and chicken tenders. For main courses, we enjoyed a miso marinated salmon filet, beef lasagna, and a burger from the kids menu. For dessert, nutella tiramisu, warm date and fig pudding, carnival chocolate melting cake and pie alamode.

Night two, or American Feast night, the formal night onboard, featured appetizers like chilled strawberry bisque and baked stuff mushrooms. For entrees, oven baked Japanese seabass with basmati rice, chicken breast from the every day grill menu, blue crab ravioli in a lobster cream, barbecued st Louis spare ribs, and roasted duck. And finally the sweet treats- malted chocolate hazelnut cake with warm chocolate sauce, and my favorite, crème brulee.

On our third night, We’ll start with an iceberg wedge with blue cheese crumbles, mango cream soup, tortilla soup and a quesadilla. At least Once per cruise, I like to enjoy the featured vegetarian dish, which tonight was indian veggies, lentils and all the sides. We also tried the shrimp, noodle and vegetable blow, seared tilapia, the pork chop from the grill, and the salmon, also from the grill menu. We definitely saved room for carrot cake and the s’mores parfait.

Night 4, the last night of the cruise started with shrimp cocktail, a delicious chicken flatbread, a wedge salad and a salmon cake with yogurt sauce.
For main courses, we tried the grilled beef tenderloin from the grill menu, served with polenta, and chicken chow mein. And finally, a nice traditional piece of cheesecake.

Ready for a look at seaday brunch? I’m still in awe that filet mignon and eggs are free in the main dining room on sea days. For our little one, fruit loop crusted French toast. Yep, you can actually order that and for a little south of the border indulgence, hueveos rancheros with several tasty sauces. You can even get a ceasar salad, if you’re in the mood. Sea day brunch cheesecake is a great treat too, if you have room. Thanks for watching our video on Carnival cruise food 2016. We’ll have a Carnival cruise food 2017 coming shortly.

Thanks so much for watching, and until next time, we’ll see you on the high seas.

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