10 Things I always pack in my flight carry on

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Hey cruisers, If you’ve been tuning in to our channel for a while you’ve likely learned that we don’t love to fly, that’s why we cruise! but when we do, we pretty consistently pack the same stuff in our carry on to keep us as comfortable as possible on just about any flight. Let’s jump right in to the list!

1 Cozy, fluffy socks- my feet tend to get cold on flights, so if I’m wearing sandals, I always pack some warm socks to grab when the temperature drops in the cabin.
2 My own earphones- rather than packing earplugs, I usually grab my own earphones, so I can listen to music on my phone or ipad or catch an inflight movie.
3 Eye mask- On longer flights, a light blocking eye mask makes a huge difference if you want to snooze. I love this cushiony mask from Lewis and Clark, an use it every night at home too.
4 Hand sanitizing wipes are great for cleaning off your seat and tray table and for opening the restroom door on a crowded plane. I pack dozens of these, and would NEVER travel without them.
5 I usually carry a Small cosmetics bag with a few items in a tsa approved clear bag- it usually holds Lip balm, hand cream so my skin doesn’t dry out, tissues, ibuprofen, and of course Neosporin? If you’re wondering about the Neosporin, we read you can apply a little of this to a q tip and rub it inside your nose to minimize germ transmission. It’s kind of gross to do, but we do it every time we fly.
6 High protein snack, like almonds or a protein bar can be a life saver if your flight doesn’t serve food, or if you’re traveling with kidlets.
7 Portable phone chargers are a must on a flight, so we usually pack a few of these.
8 No matter what time of year it is, I always grab a shawl or Wrap- it has dozens of uses, from warming your neck, to a makeshift blanket, or covering up for a nap. I usually use mine to snuggle up to my son when he gets chilly too.
9- To keep things organized, we like to travel with a dedicated passport carrier to pop your passport and boarding passes into. Oh, and don’t forget a pen for those pesky customs forms!!!
10- Lastly, I usually grab a few magazines. I don’t know about you but I don’t have time to red these at home, yet I have several subscriptions so I usually let them stack up and pop them in my carry on for those long waits in the airport.

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