Oyster 745- Walkthrough Boat Tour

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The Oyster 745 is a thrilling yacht to sail – her immense scale makes it an unforgettable experience.

Her powerful, large volume hull form with twin rudders offers perfect stability and effortless finger-tip control on the helm. Visibility is excellent from both protected helm stations, making tricky manoeuvres simple and the smart sail plan makes her easy to handle, delivering consistently fast passage-making speeds. It all adds up to a beautifully balanced offshore sailboat. The large cockpit offers safety and comfort for family and friends; concealed lines, clutter-free decks with flush hatches and plenty of stowage for sails and kit make moving around safer under sail. Exceptionally large tankage and generous stowage below means you can make extended voyages without re-stocking. Wherever this Oyster 745 long-range cruising yacht takes you, you can be sure adventure comes as standard.

Discover more about the Oyster 745: https://bit.ly/2SvjRvV

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