Living The BEST Life, On a Crazy Boat in the Cold

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We sail to Westfjords for some SKIING and reveal a bit about our next (own) boat! I spent a TON of time putting this one together, hope you enjoy! Although we were hoping to go to Greenland on Arktika, we’re super duper excited for the next chapter in our adventures… We finally found a suitable boat, and it’s going to be great to have our own one again!

Want to support the creation of these videos? Patrons get access to a boat tracker (also shows all past anchorages and harbours) and to our very own Arctic sailing WhatsApp group. And most of all, your support enables me to allocate time into shooting+editing these videos! Thanks for even considering, it really helps us out!

PS. Flying a drone in Westfjords / Hornstrandir area is only allowed with a special paid permit. Iceland has strict drone laws when it comes to certain areas. Check the restrictions before flying! (We did have a permit.)

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