SAIL LIFE – DAD’S point of view living on a sail boat 😎

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SAIL LIFE – DADS point of view on a sail boat. This week’s vlog is a homage to Gerben. Without Gerben we would never have discovered living at sea, our sailing life. To sail on a sail boat, that is more a sailing yacht our beneteau 57, to be a dad, and a captain is quite challenging. So in this week’s sailing vlog episode about our family living on a sailboat, we decided to go for Dad’s perspective. Our sailing family vlog, a man sailing with a family. Welcome to our Sail life on a boat, and how it is as a dad and captain to be living on a boat. Life onboard a boat is something special. The next part of our family sailing around the world adventure.

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Love you guys! Thanks for watching & Feel the Breeze

Benjamin, Rianne & Gerben

Feel the Breeze family | a business coupe exploring the world with their kid

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