Pack With Me – Carry On Only For Caribbean & Panama Canal Cruise

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**It has been brought to my attention that the TSA bags in this video are the incorrect size. Please reference the TSA website for more details. We apologize for the error.**

So, I’ve set a really big goal for myself. I’m trying to pack carry-on only for a 10 night Panama Canal cruise! I’ll tell you my packing plan, and show you what I’ve got, but first help us thank our sponsor, and visit

So, I’ve got my new backpack, and my little Roxy carry-on suitcase, and lots of stuff I want to pack for my cruise, but I’ll be flying to port. I don’t like waiting for my luggage, so I thought this might be a good opportunity to try a carry-on only packing challenge. I’ve got some colorful packing cubes, ziplock, and mesh bags, now the the challenge is to get all the necessary stuff packed into them. The trick here is planning. I want only necessities, and I want clothing that can be mixed, matched and dual purposed. Find out if I can actually do it, and please pass on any tips you may have in the comments below.

Here are some of the items I used in the packing challenge:

Basics Packing Cubes:
Oricsson Water Resistant Backpack:
RFID Blocking Neck Wallet:
Mesh Bags:

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