Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve – Incredible Island Highlights Tour

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MSC Ocean Cay Marine Reserve is located 20 miles south of Bimini, Bahamas. Ocean Cay was originally created through the process of dredging and its sole purpose was to mine Aragonite sand which is widely used in marine aquariums. Before transforming the once industrial site, MSC Cruises had to remove 1,500 tons of scrap metal. Along with planting thousands of trees, shrubs and plants, this private island was designed to have a minimal impact on the environment, while allowing guests to enjoy their day surrounded by natural beauty.

On our incredible tour of Ocean Cay, we’ll personally guide you around the entire private island highlighting spots of interest, things to do, venues to eat and drink, plus excursions featuring a climb to the top of the Lighthouse.

We’ll also take you along for an inside look at the exclusive MSC Yacht Club experience on Ocean Cay and provide tips and insights along the way to make your day ay Ocean Cay even more memorable.

** Make sure you watch to the end for the nighttime Lighthouse Spectacular!

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