Norwegian Cruise Line Changes Point Structure for Loyalty Status

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Norwegian Cruise Line has change the point structure for their loyalty levels that not only adds in two new levels, but also makes it easier to move up to a higher status.

Norwegian Cruise Line’s previous tier level were as follows:

  • 1 point – Bronze
  • 30 points – Silver
  • 55 points – Gold
  • 80 points – Platinum
  • 175 points – Platinum Plus
  • 700 points+ – Ambassador

Norwegian Cruise Line’s new tier levels are now:

  • 1 point – Bronze
  • 20 points – Silver
  • 45 points – Gold
  • 75 points – Platinum
  • 150 points – Sapphire (NEW)
  • 350 points – Diamond (NEW)
  • 700+ points – Ambassador

Cruisers on Norwegian cruise ships earn one point for each night of a cruise.  You can earn an additional point per night for staying in a suite or The Haven and an additional point per night when bookings a Latitudes Insider Offer.

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New benefits added include a one time cabin upgrade, members cruises, and exclusive onboard experiences.

All perks related to these new loyalty tiers can be found on

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