How To Operate A Boat | Everything You Need To Get Started

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Welcome to Bansheeboat! This guide has everything a beginner boater will need to confidently hit the water for the first time. If you are an experienced boater this guide will help you sharpen your boating skills.

We take a look at how to drive a boat, boat controls, different parts of a boat and some tips and tricks to really give you what you need to have a nice, safe and fun boating experience.

If you’re new to boating, looking to buy a boat, or just looking for some great boating tips and tricks check out these awesome books! They’re great for beginners and intermediate boaters alike:

Buying a Boat (Boating Secrets: 127 Top Tips Book):

Buyers’ Guide to Outboard Boats: Selecting and Evaluating New and Used Boats

Power Boat Handling Illustrated: How to make your boat do exactly what you want it to

First we’ll take a quick tour around the boat starting at the stern. Here is the boat motor, it’s a 1982 Johnson 90 horsepower outboard 2 stroke engine. If you don’t know a lot about boat motors that’s okay! Today we’ll just go over the basics when it comes to safely operating a boat.

This side of the boat is referred to as the port side of the boat, in north America, as the port side. This is the same side of the boat that the steering wheel of a car is on. The boat registration ID # should be visible from the port side. Moving along to the bow of the boat, this should have a red light facing the port side and a green light facing the other side which is called the starboard side.

Check out this book for all the boating basics:

Boating Skills and Seamanship

Mostly all boats have a similar fuel tank. The plug has a little safety tab that locks the hose into the fuel tank. Make sure to listen for the click when plugging the fuel line into the tank.Check out the links below for exactly what you need:

High Profile Portable Fuel Tank, 12 Gallon

Johnson/Evinrude, Fuel Line Assembly Outboard Primer Bulb

Here is a link to the video that explains how to mix 2 stroke gas properly and some tips and tricks about fuelling your boat:

We talk about the boat controls: The throttle, the choke, the gear selector, the ignition, the steering wheel.

Always attach the emergency shut off line securely to your clothing, in case of emergency or ejection from the boat the boat will shut off.

The throttle allows you to control the speed (RPM) of the engine.

The choke allows more fuel to reach the engine when starting.

The gear selector can select forward and back gears.

The steering wheel can steer the boat just like a car.

Always have safety be your number one priority when boating and always make sure to wear a properly fitting PFD at all times. Check out the link below and don’t forget a PFD for your beloved pet:

Pet PFD👇

Also – Check the weather before you go on your boating trip as well as let someone on land know where and when you will be going and when you expect to be home.

Launching your boat. Here is the link to the video on how to launch your boat easily:

Always make sure to have your pleasure-craft license and DO NOT mix alcohol and boating. WATER ON THE WATER, BEER ON THE PIER.

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