Royal Caribbean’s Next New Cruise Ship, Icon of the Seas, Has Giant Sphere Added To It

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Royal Caribbean’s next new cruise ship, Icon of the Seas, will be a new class of ship for the cruise line when the vessel debuts in 2023.

Royal Caribbean released a video showing a giant sphere being added to the vessel at the shipyard.  The sphere measures 46 feet tall and 50 feet in diameter.  There are 578 aluminum panels on the sphere and 9 miles of cables for power and lighting. What is this mystery sphere?  That part we don’t know yet and will find out when Royal Caribbean makes the big announcement.

The video released by Royal Caribbean can be seen below and gives us an early look at a construction update of the new cruise ship.

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Royal Caribbean has not released many details on what will be one of the most anticipated new cruise ships of 2023.

Royal Caribbean has yet to announced the homeport of Icon of the Seas or unique features that will be on the cruise ship.

Cruise Fever will have all of the details when they are announced by Royal Caribbean.  Until then, we can just speculate on this mystery sphere that was just added to the ship.

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