First time cruise tips – 5 Must Do Things When Self Booking Cruise Excursions

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Hi Cruisers! We’ve got a short, but hopefully informative video for you today. We’ve got five “must do” things to consider when self-booking cruise excursions. But first, don’t forget to visit our wonderful sponsor:
One of the things that makes cruising such a wonderfully diverse vacation is the option of booking cruise excursions. These can be anything from tea time in a flower garden to zip lining through treacherous mountain terrain. There truly are cruise excursions for anyone and everyone. Most new cruisers will gravitate toward the cruise line’s sponsored tours that can typically be booked right on ship. This is a good choice, and in fact, it’s how we approached excursions for many years. It’s a nice safe option, but what if you want something a little more private or custom? Or maybe you want to try to save a little money? Well it can be done, and these days we self-book cruise excursions quite often. We’ve made a few mistakes, and we hope to help you avoid some of these with this quick video. Of course, feel free to leave your own tips for self booking cruise excursions in the comments below.

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