Sail Life – Iridium Go external antenna & aft cabin mattress ⛵️

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We take full advantage of our last week in Cherbourg, including installing an external antenna for our Iridium Go and making new mattresses for the aft cabin.

Sail Rite’s mattress video:

00:00 Intro
00:52 The plan for the week
01:24 Satelite communication
01:37 Garmin 86i vs. Iridium Go
02:42 What to expect
03:31 Garmin 86i live tracking
03:52 External antenna for Iridium Go
06:00 Scanstrut cable seal
08:23 Adventure with Ava!
12:14 Templating for a new mattress
13:06 Cutting the foam and making covers
14:50 Mattress done
16:09 Splicing lines
17:48 Cya!

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