5 Things To Know About Getting Married On A Cruise Ship

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Hey Cruisers,

If you’ve ever wondered about getting married on a cruise ship then you’ll definitely want to watch this episode. We’ve partnered with our friend and travel agency partner, Wendy from Dream Vacations, to bring you some great cruise wedding tips.

If you want more info or are considering a wedding at sea, Wendy is an expert in wedding and group cruises. You can research her site and contact her here: http://cruisetipstv.membercruises.com/ (phone number is on her site).

In this cruise wedding video we cover 5 things you need to know about getting married on a cruise ship. Cruise weddings can be romantic, exciting, inclusive, convenient, and even surprisingly affordable – at least compared to some land base weddings. Planning a cruise wedding can also be a lot less stressful than a land based wedding. We’ll give you all the details in this video, and throw in a handful of cruise wedding tips.

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