NIGHTMARE AT SEA!!! (everything goes wrong) Ep. 119

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Drifting out to sea, in 40 knots of wind, attached to another vessel by anchor chain. We had to be rescued by the coast guard that turned out to be an extremely old fishing boat. The Meltemi wind was blowing a steady 35 – 40 knots all day, we were safely anchored in a sheltered bay UNTIL… another boat anchored on top of our anchor and off we went, attached to one another, just avoiding running into a super yacht in the anchorage and then out to sea. The video is pretty self explanatory. I’m going to save my energy in writing a huge description to go a grab a well earned beer. What a day. The worst day of my whole life.

Song Credits:
00:00 Jimmy Pinch – Magus
00:59 3 – Jason Lyle
05:43 Luis Trinidad – Can you see this Darkness

Videos made by Elayna!!
Additional filming by our man Daniel

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