How to Sail a Spinnaker – Step-by-Step Guide to SAILING

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I join up with my friend Sam, a retired Air Force pilot and retired Delta pilot. We go out on his boat, a Catalina 22, for a step-by-step guide to rigging and hoisting the spinnaker.

Thanks to Sam’s wife, Catherine, for providing some cool spinnaker photos at 0:25 and 0:26.

Cameras: Panasonic G85, GoPro Hero 5.
Audio: RØDE VideoMicro (external mic) and/or GoPro Hero 5 on-camera mic; Voiceover using Zoom H1.
Drone: DJI Mavic Pro
Edited on Final Cut Pro X

0:01 – Chocolate Box by David Cutter
3:37 – Bordeaux by Martin Piehlmeier
7:44 – Reflect by Ikson
8:50 – Theme From the Diving Bell and the Butterfly by Paul Cantelon
17:05 – Beam by Petit Biscuit
17:17 – Amore Mio by Jean Baskets

Thanks for watching!

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