Are Royal Caribbean Drink Packages Worth It?

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We have been doing a lot of research as we plan for our Royal Caribbean cruise on Harmony of the Seas. We recently spent quite a bit of trying trying to answer the question “Are Royal Caribbean drink packages worth it?” We’ve got some tips, but first some thanks to our sponsor:

Trying to figure out if you’ll get your money’s worth from a cruise drink package can be vexing. There are a lot of things to consider. How much will we drink? How much are the drinks on a cruise ship. Are there exclusions on drink packages? What about extra fees for drink packages? Things like service charges, or gratuities. All these things and more must be taken into consideration when trying to determine if a cruise line’s drink package is worth it. Well, we really gave the Royal Caribbean drink packages a thorough look, and we think we have some good information to share with you. Some of the things we have learned can be a good starting point for deciding on a cruise line’s drink package. Other questions, like if the drink package works on Perfect Day at Coco Cay are specific to Royal Caribbean. If you’re looking for a ballpark estimate on current drink costs versus popular cruise line drink packages, take a look at our “Drink package estimator” on our website. You’ll find the link above. In this video we’ve done our best to get you the answers you need to know now to help you decide if a Royal Caribbean drink package is right for you. If we’ve missed anything, or if you have drink package tips you’d like to share with our cruising community, please leave a comment below.

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