Welcome to My Home – Cruising With Don

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Welcome to My Home. Well I have been promising to show you all my new home and work space but I had to wait for all my furniture to arrive and blinds to be made. Well they all finally arrived and I’d like to show you around my new home. So welcome to the new home of Don’s Family Vacations. #cruiseshipnews #cruisingwithdon #donsfamilyvacations #cruiseship
Panama Canal cruise April 25th 2021 15 day email ajekova@travelonly.com
Alaska group cruise June 5th 2021 7 day northbound email dterris@travelonly.com

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For those of you who are wondering, yes I am a Travel Agent and I work with anyone in Canada and the United States 🙂

Need to contact me with questions or to book a cruise? You can email me at ajekova@travelonly.com or check out my website at dterris.travelonly.com

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