Trapped Inside Dangerous Coral Reef!!! Ep.173

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Having snuck into our spot at high tide it seemed far less treacherous than when it dropped later that afternoon and we were completely surrounded by coral reef. I would get up on deck and have a look around and just slowly shake my head every half an hour or so. We decided to tie off the stern to a mooring ball so as to be held in place and were able to ride out the night without one of the Bahamian famous squalls. The next day the weather had picked up making our anchorage less and less comfortable so we decided to leave before the next high tide and so I decided to drag along beside the boat until the worst of the reef had been passed.

Song Credits:
00:03 Joe Marson – 123 –
02:49 Airline Food – 1984 –
04:17 Martin Piehlmeier – The Road –
07:53 Eva’s Song Pt. II – Isaac Balson –
11:24 Martin Piehlmeier – Awake –
14:21 SIRÈNE – AIKK –

Videos made by Elayna, starring Riley!!

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