5 Things To Do On Embarkation Day – Livestream

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Hey cruisers!

What do YOU like to do when you first board a cruise ship?

This should be a fun one! We’ll share 5 things WE like to do on embarkation day, then we’ll open the conversation to our wonderful community? Do you head for the bar? Unpack? Rush to the buffet? We can’t wait to hear your embarkation day tips and tricks on this Friday night LIVE Vlogtoberfest event. Embarkation day on a cruise can be a whirlwind. There are typically many things happening, and you may wonder just what is going on around the ship. Are you going to miss anything? Aside from the muster drill once you’re aboard, you are free to plan your own activities. That’s what this livestream is all about. We’ll have some fun with our embarkation day traditions, some embarkation day tips and tricks, and then it’s your turn. Do you have questions about embarkation day? How about some embarkation day traditions you’d like to share with our wonderfully cruising community? Join us, and let’s have some live CruiseTipsTV fun!

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