Things you shouldn’t do on a cruise

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Hey cruisers, I’m Sheri with Cruise Tips TV. One of our subscribers requested that we put together an episode highlighting things you shouldn’t do on a cruise. If you’ve been watching our channel for a while, you probably know that we normally focus on things you SHOULD do on a cruise, so this isn’t meant to be preachy. We want you to have a good time, stay safe, and make the best of your cruise vacation, so here goes!
#1 It’s probably NOT a good idea to Fly to your embarkation port the same day as your cruise. If your flight is delayed, the ship will not wait for you, unless of course, you arranged your flight through the cruise line, which most people don’t.
#2 Speaking of embarkation, don’t forget to check in online before your cruise. Checking in at the terminal is a big pain, and that’s not how you want to get your vacay started. So, you probably shouldn’t do that.
#3 The biggest danger on any cruise is fire. So, cruise lines don’t want you to Light a candle, a match or do anything fire-related in your cabin or anywhere on a ship. Of course, you can smoke in designated areas on most ships, but not in your stateroom.
#4 You’ll want to leave the beer & liquor at home. While some cruise lines let you pack some soda and wine, and many people find ways to smuggle booze onboard, most don’t allow you to pack any other alcoholic beverages. Trust us, you don’t want to try this, and end up in the “naughty room” with your suitcases once onboard. It’s embarrassing.
#5 Don’t forget to put your phone in airplane mode before sailaway, if you don’t plan to buy the ship’s wifi. Roaming charges on a cruise are a bummer, and we’ve heard nightmare stories about $500 phone bills from cruisers who didn’t know that roaming charges at sea are a thing. Do your research and you’ll be fine.
#6 Don’t hog deck chairs, if you don’t plan to use em for hours and hours. You’ll make other cruisers who want to enjoy a little poolside fun really grumpy and the cruise staff may take your stuff, and store it for you while you’re away. On some lines (like Carnival) crewmembers monitor sun lounge usage and if they observe a seat that contains a towel or personal belongings but appears to be unoccupied, a notification is placed on the chair indicating the current time. If the chair remains unoccupied for 40 minutes, the contents are removed and held for the guest’s safekeeping.
#7 Speaking of not-so-great habits, in our opinion it’s pretty uncool to remove the gratuities from your stateroom account. If you have an issue with the dining or stateroom crew who take care of you, take it to management and get the issue resolved.
#8 Lastly, don’t pack an uptight attitude. Cruise vacations can change, depending on weather, sea conditions, and many other factors, and it’s best to look at those changes as an adventure. You’re at sea, what better time to go with the flow?
We hope you’ve enjoyed this episode. If you liked this video, give us a thumbs up, and feel free to leave your Cruise tips and tricks in the comments below. We have lots of videos about cruise tips, what to do on a cruise, cruise etiquette tipping, do’s and don’t’s on a cruise, and lots of cruise tips for first time cruisers. To follow our cruise travels, and stay up to date on the cruise world, follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and until next time, we’ll see you on the high seas!

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