Pack With Me for a Cruise – Embarkation Day Bags

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Hi Cruisers! It’s time for another pack with me for a cruise video. This time it’s a 7 night warm weather cruise. I’ll be covering everything, in my embarkation day bags – kind of like my day one cruise packing essentials. It’s cruise packing hacks and tips 101 again. This one is not quite a long as some of our other pack with me for a cruise videos, because we are just covering stuff I’ll drag around the first day. We’ll be packing for a 7 night warm weather cruise, so of course the first thing we are going to want to do is jump in the pool. So lots of pool fun in the sun type things. Join me as I pack everything I think is essential for cruise embarkation day. What exactly will we need on the first day of our cruise? How many shoes, beach clothes, shirts, pants, swim suit will we need? What about soda and wine? Toiletries? Should I use packing cubes? We aren’t going to be covering my husband’s packing for this trip as it is essential the same as the last cruise. You can see a video of my husband’s “extreme” packing method with some good packing tips for men here: and his carry on only here: If you want to know what to pack for a cruise, or you’re just looking for a few packing tips, you’ll want to stick around for the whole video. We have lot of shorter videos about things to pack for a cruise. You can see that list here:

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