Bestevaer Test Sail – Yacht Designer on Board!

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This time on Distant Shores we test sail two Bestevaer aluminum sailboats – both built by KM Yachts in the Netherlands and are thrilled to sail with the yachts’ designer, legendary Gerard Dykstra.

00:00 Introduction
01:00 Bestevaer 45 aluminum sailboat test sail
03:18 Lemmer canal sailing to Dutch village
04:24 Test sail Bestevaer 53 with Yacht Designer
05:00 Gerard “Gerry” Dykstra Yacht Designer
05:56 Gimballed navigation “nav” station
06:30 Ergonomic design galley with gimballed stove and counter
07:11 Watertight bulkhead compartments sailboat design
07:41 Water ballast system for performance and reduced angle of heel
08:56 Undocking with aluminium 53 foot monohull
09:23 Sailing on board Bestevaer 53
11:28 Pilothouse nav-desk with forward views Bestevaer 53
12:22 Test sailing with Gerard Dykstra
13:27 Next time

Special Thanks to:
Dykstra Naval Architects & KM Yachts
Gebroeders van Enkhuizen BV

Pantaenius Yacht Insurance:…
BRNKL Yacht Security & Monitoring:
Brunton’s Propellers:
Elvstrøm Sails:
Seldén Mast / Furlex:​
Navionics Charts:
GN Espace Ocean Chef:
Highfield Classic Inflatable:
Integrel On-Engine Generator:
MG Energy Systems (lithium batteries):
Oceanskies Yacht Registration:

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