Why are Cruises so Expensive? How to Book a Cheap Cruise in 2021

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You may be wondering why the new summer 2021 Cruises are SO EXPENSIVE? We’ve had so many emails and comments from you our subscribers asking this very question! So we share with you all the reasons why they are so expensive and give you some BIG insider cruise tips and hacks and how to book a cheap cruise in 2021 and get the best cruise deals.

Cashback sites – not affiliated or sponsored!

In the UK the top ones are quidco.com and topcashback.com.
In the USA there rakuten.com and hmrrebates.com

Currently the rates are not amazing but in the past we have seen cashback of upto £150 for Princess, Royal, P&O and Cunard.


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00:00​​​​​​ Introduction
00:23​​​ How much to cruise in 2021?
03:12 A huge demand
03:40​​​ Reduced capacity
04:43​ Make up the losses
05:30​​​ Crew
07:15​ Cruise booking tips


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