Sailing trip packing list – What to pack for a holiday on yacht | Sailing Vlog | Ep. 5

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Sailing trip packing list – What to pack for a holiday on yacht? No matter if it’s you first vacations on a boat or you have sailed before,
a packing list will be useful. In this video I share what are the must-haves in your travel suitcase (or a sport bag!) and which sailing equipment
is not really necessary.

What to pack:
* waterproof jacket (and trousers)
* sailing gloves
* deck shoes
* flip flops
* polarized sunglasses (with a strap)
* sunscreen (at least SPF30)
* cosmetics
* hair mask, hairbrush, hair ties
* baseball cap (with a strap), hat
* shorts
* t-shirts
* sweat-shirt, sweatpants
* pajamas
* night out outfits
* bikinis, swimming shorts
* underwear, socks
* towels
* small bagpack
* snorkeling mask
* camera
* games, cards, books, music
* passeport, documents
* cash
* sleeping bag (not necessarily)
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