Sail Life – Wireless windlass remote with chain counter & canvas projects ⛵

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This week, I hooked up our windlass using a Lofrans THETIS 7003 wireless remote with an integrated chain counter. We also started making covers for our jerry cans and a sunshade doohickey for the cockpit and made a bridle for anchoring.

Thank you for the flashlight, 🙂

00:00 Intro
01:13 Installing chain counter sensor
03:34 Jerry can cover
07:12 Sunshade, cockpit
08:58 Wiring Lofrans Tigress windlass
13:11 Annoying wiring issue
14:20 Testing the remotes
14:57 Calibratiing chain counter
15:28 Testing chain counter accuracy
16:20 Anchoring bridle mk 1
20:11 Cya!

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