Sail Life – 1600W of solar☀ on a 38 ft sailboat & re-stepping the mast⛵

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This week we installed 1600W of solar on our 38 ft sailboat. We’re using four 400W Sunpower solar panels. Those are connected to two Victron Energy 100/30 MPPT charge controllers. Also, this week, we get the mast re-stepped and take care of a few other projects. Time codes below 🙂

Victron Energy MPPT sizing calculator:

00:00 Intro
01:01 Installing solar panels
02:22 Sliding mechanism
03:58 Design error
04:11 Dyneema cross brace
05:36 Wiring the arch
07:10 Stepping the mast
08:55 Parallel vs series
10:39 Panel voltage
11:58 MPPT charger controllers
13:26 Wiring the solar panels
15:23 Juice baby, juice!
16:11 Does the new coax and antenna work?
16:50 Next week
17:51 Cya!

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