Ryan Finn Poised to Complete 2Oceans1Rock Voyage

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After nearly 100 days at sea, Ryan Finn is expected to complete his 14,000-mile journey called the “2Oceans1Rock” this week. Finn set out from the Miramar Yacht Club in New York on January 19 to sail San Francisco via Cape Horn. His 36ft proa is the smallest boat to attempt this route, and once completed, it will be the first-ever recorded non-stop singlehanded voyage along this route.

“I came up with the idea of a non-stop solo passage from New York to San Francisco on a small Proa to prove the concept of such a boat for a long, solo record breaking. The bigger project being a solo non-stop circumnavigation from East to West,” said Finn. “I don’t think there’s an existing multihull that could survive the non-stop westbound record, but I think a Proa could. Well researching the route for this trip, I became obsessed and really haven’t thought about anything else since.”

To follow his progress during his final approach to San Francisco, click here

Finn was featured on the Point of Sail podcast before setting out. To listen, click here

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