Royal Caribbean Ship Classes – Everything You Need To Know (2021)

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If you’ve ever wanted to know more about the incredible ships of Royal Caribbean, we’re highlighting class specific features and giving you the insight to choose the best ship for your next Royal Caribbean cruise.

Royal Caribbean has been a leading innovator in the cruising industry for over five decades. From 1996 through 2021, they introduced a new cruise ship every year in all but six of those years. Their current fleet of 26 ships which includes two under construction, are grouped into seven ship classes, each with their own base of specific common features. In this video, you’ll learn Everything You Need To Know About Royal Caribbean Ship Classes, as we delve into every ship class, highlighting common features within each class, while also identifying unique offerings from ship to ship.

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Find your favorite ship class fast with our video chapters:

00:00​ – Teaser
00:32​ – Intro
01:12​ – Vision Class
02:40​ – Voyager Class
04:53​ – Radiance Class
06:33 – Freedom Class
08:04 – Oasis Class
10:57​ – Quantum Class
12:47​ – Quantum Ultra Class
13:54​ – Future Ship Classes
14:45​ – Closing

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