Packing Carry On Only For A 7 Day Cruise

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Hi Cruisers, In this video, after a brief shout out to our terrific sponsor we take on packing carry on only for a 7 day cruise We’ve done lots of packing for a cruise videos, but never a packing for a cruise in a carry on only video. This is a challenge for me, because as you may know I’m a bit of an over packer. Packing carry on only to me feels like I’m forgetting my main luggage, but the truth is it’s good to pack smart. Packing a carry on only and nothing more makes a lot of sense especially when flying. It’s a great way to avoid bag fees, and the endless wait at the baggage carousel. Usually when I’m packing for a cruise there are a lot of things I take just in case, and I lot of extra things I pack as comfort items. Really I don’t need all that stuff, so in this video my cruise carry on bag is going to be lean and mean. We’ve broken this packing for a cruise 2017 video into three parts. 1. Overview and general tips 2. Planning and outfit selection 3. Actually packing the bag. You’re going to get a lot of packing carry on tips, and a lot of general packing for a cruise tips. This video covers carry on only travel for women, but our plan is to do a men’s packing carry on luggage only as well.

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