How does room service work on a cruise?

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Hey Cruisers, In this video we answer the question “How does room service work on a cruise?” We are sure none of you would have any trouble ordering room service on a cruise, but we thought it would be fun to put together a quick little video of the entire process. Even if you aren’t interested in the process, you may want to watch this video to get a peek at the Carnival Miracle room service menu, and what a typical order looks like. Room service on Carnival Miracle might throw some people off a bit because not everything on the menu is free. We go over a few of the room service items that have additional costs associated with them. We also briefly cover ordering from the door hanger breakfast menu. If you have an early excursion preordering your breakfast is a great way to get an early start.

You can download the Carnival Miracle Menus here:

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