ETIQUETTE 101 – Tips for Sailors and Cruisers

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There are laws and there are rules, and then there is etiquette. We do whatever we can aboard Clarity to not offend. We’ve failed many times and learned along the way. From anchoring to garbage to dinghies to BYOB to no wake zones to borrowing tools, we break down some of the do’s and don’ts of the cruising lifestyle. Thanks to the folks at Blue Whale Sail ( and Salt Sail ( for helping us make this one! You guys rock!


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Nick and Megan have been #sailing and living #OffTheGrid on and off for the past 20 years. We love to #travel and spend time in #nature and we hope to see you out here!

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Get Her on Board is about getting that significant other to buy into this cruising nonsense. People seem to like it. All proceeds go to our dog Sugar.

Live on the Margin is about making money on the go trading stocks and options. I co-wrote it with Pat Schulte of Bumfuzzle. People seem to like that one too. All proceeds donated to our boat.

Bumfuzzle – Just out Looking for Pirates.
You know these guys, and now you know me, so have a listen.

Bound for Distant Seas, by James Baldwin
James is the real deal and this his story of adventure aboard a small, simple boat.

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