Dinner with SHARKS!! Would YOU do it? 😱

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#332 This might very well be the world’s most daring double date. SURROUNDED by sharks with our now, good friends @Eamon & Bec . Be sure to subscribe to their channel so you don’t miss their perspective on #boatlife . β›΅οΈπŸŒŠ
Also, if you want the full cut of our game of Truth or Dare, that’s just gone live on our Patreon site:
https://www.Patreon.com/LaVagabonde 😏😏😏 plus we go LIVE in our Live Stream this evening, 6:30pm EST to talk about everything that’s been happening lately and to answer some of your questions x

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Thanks to http://bit.ly/SLV-EpidemicSounds and our contributing artists for providing us with great music for this episode.
Song Credits:
00:00 – ES_Melancholy – Ooyy
01:57 – ES_Hacienda – Jett Everill
04:00 – ES_Veer – Ran the Man
08:35 – ES_Blue Carpet – Jett Everill
11:11 – ES_Quatro Contra Um – El Equipo Del Norte
14:41 – ES_Quatro Contra Um – El Equipo Del Norte
15:37 – ES_Unfettered and Unchained – Golden Anchor
17:16 – ES_Voyager X – Ben Elson
19:01 – ES_Yellow Light – Arthur Benson
19:49 – ES_Balloonahoo – Earle Belo
20:51 – Super Mario Bros Theme song – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTa6Xbzfq1U
21:32 – ES_Virginia Highway – Tigerblood Jewel

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