BOOKING YOUR FIRST CRUISE! A Beginner’s Guide | Cruising Tips

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A Guide To Booking Your First Cruise gives you straight advice on the often confusing world of booking your very first cruise. It’s not as straightforward as booking a hotel, resort or even a theme park vacation. It can be a very confusing world of Cruise Fares, Fees, Insurance and other considerations. We love to cruise and want to help you make your very first cruise memorable.

Topics covered include:
00:00 Hello
00:17 Cruise Booking Overview
00:50 Hurricane Season, and Why Should Not Scare You From Booking
02:25 Itinerary Changes
02:43 Booking Directly With The Cruise Line
03:13 Booking With A Travel Agent (recommended)
07:18 Consider Deals Carefully (not always a good deal)
08:50 Cruise Payment Structure Including Deposits
12:14 Traveler’s Insurance (you should get it)
16:20 Wrap Up

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The two travel agencies we mention in this video are:
Costco Travel: (requires a Costco membership)

Skymiles Cruises:

We are not affiliated with either travel agency, nor were we compensated for their mentions. These are the agencies we use.

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