Boating Basics: COMPLETE Guide to Launching, Loading, Driving & More!

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The COMPLETE boating guide for new boaters and anglers. Learn how to hook up your boat trailer, prepare your boat for launch, learn how to launch your boat by yourself, how to drive the boat, how to load your boat, and prepare for your next trip. This is the COMPLETE guide to learning how to handle your own boat. Boating 101 | Boating Course | Boating for beginners | Boating Guides | Fishing Boat #boating #fishing #boating101

How to Launch WITHOUT a Dock:

00:00 – Intro
00:25 – How to Attach Your Truck to a Trailer
03:15 – Prepare Your Boat to Launch
04:20 – How to Launch Your Boat
06:35 – How to Plane Your Boat
07:15 – How to Load Your Boat
09:55 – Prepare Your Trailer For Travel

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