Carnival Cruise Line Raised Amenity Prices This Past Week

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Over the past week, Carnival Cruise Line raised some onboard prices on their cruise ships including daily gratuities and WiFi plans.

Carnival Cruise Line raised the price of Service Gratuities (aka daily tips) and are now as follows:

  • Standard Staterooms: $14.50 USD per person, per day
  • Suite Staterooms: $16.50 USD per person, per day

This is an increase of 51 cents per day, per person.

Carnival also raised the price of two of their cruise ship WiFi plans.  While the onboard prices stayed the same, the price for purchasing them pre-cruise went up.

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The Social Media package, which only gives access to social media apps on a phone, now costs $8.50 per day, this is up from $6.80 per day. The Value Package, which allows access to websites, email applications, and social media apps, now costs $11.05 per day, up from $10.20 per day.  The price for the Premium Package, which includes the fastest speeds and streaming, remains at $14.45 if purchased pre-cruise.

The price to purchase the packages onboard the cruise ship are $10, $13, and $17 per day if purchased for the length of the cruise.

Single day purchases are allowed for the Value and Premium plans for $17 and $25 per 24 hours.

Carnival Cruise Line also no longer charges a different price for WiFi on the following four cruise ships: Carnival Freedom, Carnival Horizon, Carnival Magic, and Carnival Sunrise.

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