Carnival Cruise Line Extends Deadline to Lock In Lower Prices By 24 Hours

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Carnival Cruise Line has decided to delay the implementation of higher prices by 24 hours after guests experienced issues in locking in the lower prices before May 1.

It’s not much added time but will be welcomed by many who were frustrated in trying to lock in the price for gratuities and different packages before the increase.

Carnival Delays Higher Prices for 24 Hours

There has been much talk about Carnival Cruise Line increasing prices on gratuities, drink packages, onboard wifi, specialty dining and more. For the past day, many guests have been unable to lock in the lower prices before the hike in prices.

The Carnival website suffered from technical issues over the past day, possibly due to the number of guests going on to lock in their price. The cruise line was set to increase costs from May 1, 2022, on several onboard packages, services, and gratuities.

Carnival Cruise Line Prices

Carnival Cruise Line Brand Ambassador responded to more than a hundred posts and comments regarding the site with the website and not being able to lock in the lower prices.

Heald said,I awoke I took a glance at my emails, then this book of Faces and saw that while asleep there were 127 posts and comments about our website. Yep, it appears that it had a bit of a wobble and was not allowing you to book the specialty restaurants, internet, Cheers etc and the old price and before the new prices started today.

Heald continued saying,This quite understandably had many of you writing to me, in your hundreds actually. So I do want to apologise. I am not going to pretend I understand what happened but I do know that my colleagues have written to me this morning to let me know that it is all fixed and that we will extend the old rates, the old prices for an extra 24 hours so you can book everything today as it is all working again.

Carnival Cruise Ship Deck
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To make sure guests can still lock in the lower prices, Carnival Cruise Line has delayed implementing the higher rates until May 2, an additional 24 hours.

Guests can save up to 15% and up to 20% compared to onboard pricing when locking in the price for drink packages online. For onboard wifi, savings can be up 32%, and specialty dining up 20% savings.

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The daily gratuities are also increasing from May 2 to $14.50 per person per day for standard staterooms and $16.50 for suites. The CHEERS! beverage package, a popular option for guests, increases from the pre-purchased price of $51.95 to $59.95 per day. The onboard price will go up from $56.95 to $64.95.

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