Carnival Cruise Line Updates Mask Policy For Terminals

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Carnival Cruise Line has made several amendments to the policies that govern wearing a mask in the cruise terminal before and after the cruise. 

Masks always have been mandatory in the terminal leading up to this week. This has now been changed following a decision from a Florida judge, who overturned the CDC’s mask mandate earlier this week. Masks are now highly recommended during the embarkation and debarkation process. 

Carnival Changes Mask Policies

Although most people have no issues wearing masks, especially in busy environments such as cruise ships, some cannot wait to see them gone. With the decision from U.S. District Court Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle earlier this week, that moment is a step closer. 

Carnival Cruise Line has already decided to change its policies that are in place during embarkation and debarkation. Where masks were mandatory during the time in the terminal, they are now highly recommended. 

Carnival Face Mask Policy
Carnival Face Mask Policy

Carnival Cruise Line’s Brand Ambassador, John Heald said: “We recommend guests wear face masks while indoors, except when eating or drinking or in their own staterooms, and when in large congregate events outdoors where physical distancing cannot be maintained. Masks are highly recommended during the entire embarkation and debarkation process and while on public transportation in a U.S. port. Masks are required in the medical center.”

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He continued by saying that while it is good news for many, some will also continue to wear a mask while in the terminal and while onboard:

“So basically masks in the terminal buildings at all our North American homeports are now recommended rather than required. This is good news for many of you but I also know that some of you will continue to wear a mask and please do not be intimidated by others, you do what’s best for you.”

Cruise Passengers Wearing Mask

When it comes to onboard Carnival cruise ships, the policy remains essentially the same. Also, guests should realize that the new policy does not mean that masks are not mandatory in ports of call outside the US. During the time in the terminal abroad, if local authorities require a mask, it must be worn. 

No Change to Vaccination Rules

Those wondering whether there are or will be any changes to the vaccination policies from Carnival Cruise Line will be disappointed to find out there are none. Vaccinations remain an essential part of the health and safety protocols onboard and a strict requirement from ports of call.

John Heald said about the vaccination policy that Carnival must follow: “It is not just us that has to change our vaccination rules but the many places we sail to that also are allowing only those vaccinated guests to go ashore. This news though is yet another example that we are all on a voyage to the home port of normality.”

Cruise companies have been hard at work to balance the rules and regulations that have been set out by the CDC while keeping guests happy.

With millions of guests having already sailed this year and last year, they are certainly achieving that, despite the difficult circumstances. 

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